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Carme Oriol i Emili Samper participen al congrés Archives as Knowledge Hubs a Tartu

L'Estonian Literary Museum de Tartu (Estònia) acull del 25 al 28 de setembre la celebració del congrés Archives as Knowledge Hubs: Initiatives and Influences.

Carme Oriol i Emili Samper hi participen amb la presentació de la comunicació "Opening archives to society: The experience from the Folklore Archive at Rovira i Virgili University".

The Folklore Archive at Rovira i Virgili University was created in 1994 as a university archive. Therefore, the materials that are kept in the archive come from fieldwork conducted by students taking part in the Catalan Studies program and from professors researching folk literature.
From the year of its creation to the present, the Archive has adapted to the needs of the society of which it forms part. On the one hand, it has incorporated the use of communication technologies in order to achieve a more agile processing of the collected materials, enquiries and diffusion. On the other hand, it has initiated collaboration with other organisations in the city of Tarragona to participate in projects with higher visibility and social impact.

The present communication will consider these two aspects. First, we will explain the way in which the results from our university research are transferred from the Archive to society (web, specialised digital resources, presence in social networks, etc.). Second, a specific activity centred on legends and carried out in collaboration with several entities in Tarragona (city hall, public library, schools, youth organisations, writing workshops, etc.) will be described.

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